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Techniques of business Environmental

Techniques of business EnvironmentalScanning Scanning aims at analysing the opportunities andthreats in the environment and includes collection and analysis of information Glueck has suggested following three techniques for environmental scanning. A. Information Gathering: By …

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State Industrial Development
Corporations (SIDCs)

State Industrial DevelopmentCorporations (SIDCs) The State Industrial Development CorporationsSIDCs) were incorporated under the Companies Act, 1956, the sixties and early seventies as wholly-owned State Government Undertakings for promoting industrial development The main functions of …

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VC Investors

VC Investors A variety of financial institutions, corporations, and individuals participate in the VC industry as investors. The most significant among these are VC funds. VC funds may be described as pools of capital …

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social environment on business

Social Environment Social environment strongly affect the entrepreneurial behaviour, which contribute to entrepreneurial growth. The social setting in which the people grow, shapes their basic beliefs, values and norms. The social factors can be …

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Psychological Factors

Psychological Factors McClelland developed theory of Achievement Motivation. Achievement motivation is a drive to overcome challenges. According to McClelland a constellation of personality characteristics which are indicative of high need achievement is the major …

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opportunity in global level

Opportunity Global Level ries of a nation. There are Multi National Corporation across Modern day business is not confined to the boundathe world, for whom going global is a matter of survival and not …

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