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Essentials of Monitoring any project

Essentials of Monitoring any project

1. The primary responsibility of monitoring lies with the people entrusted with the execution of the project.

2. The monitoring responsibility cannot be entrusted to a single individual, it has to be a group effort.

3. Monitoring should not lead to direct interference in the functioning of the organisation.

4. Monitoring team should have an objective of furnishing honest, fearless and unbiased reports.

5. Monitoring to be effective, presupposes a firm commitment, involvement and team spirit from all concerned.

6. Monitoring and scheduling being interlinked
should have a close rapport with each other.

7. In small projects, monitoring and scheduling should be done by one team only.

8. The scope of monitoring should not be confined to the top management only.

9. Monitoring personnel should be talented, trained and qualified in the art of monitoring.

10. Monitoring should focus sharply on the critical aspects of project implementation.

11. It must lay more emphasis on physical milestones and not on financial targets.

12. It must be kept relatively simple. If made overly complicated, it may lead to redundant paper work and diversion of resources.

13. In the case of monitoring of complex projects,
project management companies may be engaged who have vast experience of project execution and also keep a bank of experts from all disciplines with them.

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