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Evaluation of project

Evaluation of project

All the projects undertaken need to be evaluated for the results they have achieved or failed to achieve. Careful evaluation is the backbone of all the projects. It is indispensable as a guarantee of effective use of resources and of accountability for their use. Evaluation of results achieved in a project is required in order to benefit fully from the experience. Evaluation would be futile unless it is carried out in a systematic and coordinated fashion with clearly defined objectives and consistent procedures applied by the competent valuators.

According to A.P. Barnabas “To be most effective,
evaluation must not be made merely of physical achievements but also of the cost of such achievements.

Evaluation can be effective only if there is a well
designed format to secure timely, regular and dependable information on the performance of projects. Typically evaluation must take place at the conclusion of the implementation stage. Such a step ensures the following inherent advantages according to Green & Kein:

●It would aid in project management and control
throughout the life of the project.

●It would help to ensure compliance with user community objectives before implementation

●Process of systems design would be evaluated at all stages to aid in improving effectiveness of the Design Teams.

●Cost savings would be realised by modifying systems through evaluation before, rather than after implementation.

●Evaluation would help to ensure that proper design procedures and policies were being carried out.

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