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Goverment attitude

Attitude of Government

Government all over the world can playa very important role in the emergence of entrepreneurship. Positive actions by the government can facilitate growth of entrepreneurship whereas negative actions can adversely influence entrepreneurial emergence and growth. The Industrial Policy framed by the government proves to be crucial factor for the setting up of industrial units. The government by providing right type of infrastructural facilities and other incentives can definitely play a positive role leading to the emergence of entrepreneurial class and setting up of more and more viable industrial units. The supportive actions of the government help in creating conducive environment which finally leads to entrepreneurial growth. It is only due to the various steps initiated by the government under development planning over years that positive environment for entrepreneurial growth has been created. The slogan ‘Export or Perish’ led to export promotion. The government took three important steps in various industrial resolutions.

(a) To maintain a proper distribution of economic power between private and public sector.

(b) To encourage the tempo of industrialisation by spreading entrepreneurship to every city, town or village.

(C)To disseminate the entrepreneurial talent concentrated in a few dominant communities to a large number of people of varied social and economic groups.

It is the government which regulates business activities. Government policies are going to influence all the decisions of the entrepreneurs regarding what to produce, how much to produce, of what quality to produce where to produce and for whom to produce. The entrepreneurs are to operate within the concessions and limits set by the government. It is in the interest of the potential entrepreneur to thoroughly scan the government policies before taking decision with regard to setting up his enterprise.

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