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How to earn money by ecommerce website

How to earn money by ecommerce website

Today we are going to tell you about earning money from e commerce, now there is a world of online digital and for some years it seems to be ranking very fast and its demand will increase further after the arrival of 5g e commerce website.  Means there is a website in which we can sell the same to us, users come, who like the same, they buy those products online and we try to deliver that goods to their homes, in this payment both online or offline can be taken through.

If seen digitally in India, 70 percent of the people in India have joined the online world, as well as India comes in number 1 in Asia, so many e-commerce websites are already there with it, so it is difficult to rank you.  But will tell you the top secret method by which you will be able to rank fast in India and with the help of which you can make top rated site quickly.

Right now all unemployed educated people are sitting in India but if you have a mobile phone and laptop then you are not less than anyone, you can prepare oportunity yourself, you will not have to go to anyone to ask for a job, you yourself are a very big platform can make.

What is an e commerce website before earning online

E commerce is a website in which online users can access it, we put our product in it and all the products needed by the user have to be put and the user buys what he likes.

In this, the user does not have to spend much, just the cost of building an e-commerce website comes, which is a one time investment and in between you can update it according to the need.  In this, no shop of any kind has to be opened, no electricity bill has to be paid, shop rent does not have to be paid nor any worker has to be hired.

The first thing is that if you want, you can create your own e-commerce website or you can become its partner by using other big e-commerce, if you start this online business in less money then in e-commerce website for you.  Working in partnership can be a good option

If we talk about the world’s largest e-commerce website, then Flipkart, Amazon comes, I will prefer Amazon to you because its traffic is very high, the user is very much as well as it is successful in different countries.

How to become a partner with e commerce website

1.First of all, you should have a product to sell, that product can be anything, you can buy and sell that product from outside or you can also sell it by making it yourself.

2. You need a active bank account.

3.Pan card

4.Adhar card

5.Also required a GST number.

6.To become an Amazon seller, you will need the above mentioned document, now after this you will need to download the Amazon Seller application by going to the Play Store or you will have to go to the Amazon seller link from the web browser.

6.After installing or opening, you have to register yourself, you have to enter your correct information in the registration like name number.  And mobile number verification has to be done.  Now your account is ready and you can sell your product on Amazon.

7.If you are not getting good response in start and you are worried then you can take paid promotion of amazon which runs under the name fba fullfill amazon which brings a lot of traffic to your product, more users are able to see and buy.

8.fba fullfill happens in amazon such that we have a product, we do not want to do much work in it like packing the same, don’t want to deliver etc  And we have to tell the rate, then Amazon sells and delivers it, does all the work itself and you get the money that you have decided.

9.The second option is easy ship, in which the user orders, you pack and deliver.

10.You should keep tag words, bullet words good so that the search is quick and keep the price of the product equally, which the buyer can take quickly and you will also benefit.

So friends, today we have told you some tips for earning online like earning money from e-commerce, you can earn a lot through this medium.

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