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How to earn money by Play rummy game

How to earn money by Play rummy game

Hello friends, today we will tell you about earning money online, so that you can earn money sitting at home, this application can be used by anyone from children to elders.

There is nothing to work in this, just by using mind, you can earn from 10 rupees to lakhs of rupees a day.

For this no education is needed or someone is handicapped or someone is unemployed or someone does not get work even after finding work or there is a student who wants to earn by playing their pocket money game, wild rummy game is very good for them

Let’s know a little about how to use it-

First of all you go to youtube there you search wild rummy, first you will see this game at number, now install it, you can play this game in different platform like web browser, android mobile or iphone, you can play in all  It is available for all platforms. When you install, you will be asked to register, which is very easy, just enter email id, username, mobile number and verify it, login after verification, login to it  And registration is very easy, any child can also login to it, as well as the deskboard after login is also very easy which can be understood very easily.

Now you have to kyc it which is very simple and for this you do not need to go anywhere, just you have to add any original id proof in Junglee Rummy’s account then that kyc will be complete.

Now you are completely ready to play the game in Junglee Rummy and if you want to add your funds to it or want to learn to play, then you have free points, through that you can learn by playing when you play with free points completely.  If you learn then you can play the game on real cash.

Junglee Rummy is a type of gambling game, which is banned by many countries if you play offline, but it is on online, if you are a fan of gambling, then online platform will be a very good option, in which gambling is played with the game of cards. 

To practice in this, you are given 10 thousand coins, which is enough for you to learn and you get some free points the next day. The process of adding money or funds is also very easy, you are through the bank credit card.  By using upi or using upi you can easily add money and earn very good money. There is also bonus offer like if you deposit 5 thousand you get 5500 rs and if you deposit 2000 rs you get 2200 rs.  Goes and different offers keep running in between, you can easily withdraw money from it, just you have to enter bank account number.

Some features of online earning application Junglee Rummy application-

1.This is a completely 3D game layout design that looks and feels different to play.

2.If you want, you can put your photo in your profile or you can use any avatar which is inbuilt in it.

3.It works in all types of internet like 2g,3g3,4g or can play this multiplayer game through wifi and it works very well even on slow internet.

4.In this, all the players are real time online players, which gives the feel of the real game.

5.You can login easily by verifying it with Google login or Facebook login or number and also you get 24×7 customer support.

6.It has practice game option which helps you to learn to play and enhance your playing skills.

Some disadvantage of online earning by jungli rummy –

As we know that online money is earned in this by working hard at home, so we should not forget that the money earned in shortcuts never helps, it is an online gambling game, in which a person can get addicted to gambling.  And man can be ruined, or suddenly you earn a lot of money and play by playing big ammount in one go, you can lose all the money and become zero from hero, then definitely take care of it, the game of the game  Play like this, don’t let its gambling addiction dominate you.

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