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How to earn money by PUBG GAME

Hello , today we are going to tell you about some of the best game named pubg.
Through this you can earn money too, people will start knowing you something in the whole world.
I have now become a very good medium of online army, everyone from children to elders is doing online learning from pubg considering the traffic of pubg. India had also closed pubg, then pubg has also gone online, which has come from busy our name. If we are fond of playing games, then you can earn money by playing games, you do not have to do anything, now in a very easy way in which you can earn money, you should not even destroy anything in it.
So first of all in whom do we know, in whom do we need what we need?
first of all we
Must bring pubg which is not very good
you have an iphone apple tablet
Will be great for you because the game runs very well in this without cost and high damage
Kapil becomes very easy to do
And you must have a very good internet speed
On the number you can play this game on desktop also if you were playing in mobile also and you must have a streaming application and you have a
You should have 4000 hours pass time to meet ATM on YouTube, then you get it from weight send. Adsense means the company would have approved you that work in me, we will show advertisements in your channel and in return we will give you money. If you give it as if there is a lakh, then one lakh is made from ₹ 10000, then you understand that one day I am doing my doodle, if one lakh is equal to 20, then it becomes 10000 if you put 36 days, then you can understand. Now add 10 10000 in 30 days, then how much money will come, it is too much, it will be very good Then only by using tomorrow you can use it And for this first you have to go to play store and install pubg.

Then you have to go to YouTube, you have to add an account on YouTube, there is a live streaming application, you have to install it, you have to youtube, you have to add it to pubg, when all this will be late, then you will start youtube thinks you so much put the video see you Who is all that can be very good, as well as friends, you can also hire private companies to run ads for promotion in YouTube, such as a company is an example taxpayer, he has to do some promotion of 1 minute 1:30 Minute Jogi Video 3 Second Video to video If you put you in jail, then you say ₹ 100000 to 50,000, if you give up to ₹ 500000, then as soon as the goods are said, you know you will come on the channel, then in a month you are getting five promotions, you are getting 10 promotions, then this is what You can’t do much more than just by promotion, then you will be a very good platform and you can use it now.

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