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How to make new account in hdfc bank

Hello friends, today we are going to tell you about opening an account in hdfc bank, before we know about hdfc bank, the full name of hdfc bank is the housing development finance corporation limited, it started 27 years ago today in august 1994 It was headquartered in Mumbai district of Maharashtra state of India, its chairman’s name is Atanu Chakraborty. Manmohan Singh was the Finance Minister when this bank was formed, now gradually its branch has opened all over India.

In this, you can open two types of accounts which are main, saving account and current account, apart from this there are other accounts but they are not the main ones.

what is savings account

In this, you can do the work related to depositing money and withdrawing money, it is an account of a salary person, in which the salary money of the people is received, that means some transaction in the month. By keeping money from this account, you also get interest and money is deducted for not keeping the money.

what is current account

This is a current account which is useful for businessmen, in which the account holder does big transactions every day.

how to open account

You can use 2 mediums to open an account, first you can go to the bank and open the account by filling the form yourself or you can open it with the help of online internet, for this you have to go to the bank’s website and fill the given form. And he has to go to the bank and do the verification, it is a very easy task.

Documents required to open a bank account

You have to take care of some things to open an account, you should have proper documents such as PAN card, photo and Aadhar card which should be linked with mobile number, then you can open the account very easily.

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