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How to make new friends near me using happn application

Hello friends, today we are going to tell you about a very good social media application, through which you can make new friends with the people around you, whether you are a student or a job, all are troubled by their boredom life and want. If you become their new friend, then you can make new friends through this, as well as make friends from your local area, this is a very good thing about this application as well as this is an application absolutely free, which you can go to the play store for free can download.

First of all you have to come to playstore then do happn search it will come in blue color at the top, you have to download it, after download you login or register through mobile number or facebook, after that put your name and bio Take it, after that put your beautiful beautiful photos so that the viewer will find it irresistible and the first impression is the last impression. You can make a girl if she wants, you can make her boyfriend and if a boy wants, you can make a girlfriend with the consent of the girl, just you have to like her profile, if the next user likes your profile, then she will also like it, after that you can share with each other. You can chat and ask for the number and after getting the number you can call and you can increase further friendship.

happn application is completely free application but some advertisement is visible and there is some limitation in making new friends like 5 likes or 10 likes in a day then it is not fun then you can take premium subscription for 1,3,6 months different There is a subscription charge, you can use happn in a better way by taking a premium subscription

Advantage of happn application

1.This application is completely free, if anyone asks for money, then beware of fraudsters.

2.You can make new friendship with friends around you, you can make girlfriend boyfriend.

3.If you go to another city alone and want to make friends, then you can use it and make friends with people nearby.

4.In this you can change photos unlimited times, for which no premium charge has to be paid.

5.This is completely safe application, there is no risk of your data being stolen.

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