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Three way to earn online money by social media

Hi Friends today we will give you three
Going to tell the platform
through you sitting at home
can earnIf you’re feeling bad, then it’s a student could be a great option for you
This is a very good way to meet your expenses and online learning, it is trending a lot right now.
for you Nothing is to be done
Create an account on the platform
your work will start
In this way we can understand free 34 application or whatever method it is
So comes first in shortner

given the above
will be very useful for you
So first of all we know about all these in turn and what happens in whom.
First of all let us know about Ling Satna
Reiki Healing is nothing short, so first of all, think about Westerling in the market, to find out who is giving the highest CPM, now you have to find out about what is giving HighCM.
Payment proof When he comes to know that the payment proof is giving money tied in the right way, he is not looking at any scheme.
After knowing all this, you register yourself in it.
If it is successful, then because we have our file, we shorten it in some way, then the first step is done, after that we have to take the help of YouTube platform to go to the second state.
After going to YouTube, you get the goods, even if you do not have Google Adsense here, what is required in trending here is like some mode application has become republica mode data.
You can make a short clip and put it in YouTube, which gets a lot of traffic, you can feed traffic through it, in your short article, the goods locker was given 2000 traffic of the day and from 1 to 5 PM. Has gone
youtube will be great for you
In the most trending, the most search is to receive such messages, it will be completely organic, in this you have nothing to do, just make a video and put a link in the description of the video, whichever future comes, will click on that link and the links will reach there. Money will be added at home and in your account
If we talk about the second number, Telegram can also be a very good platform, to bring traffic, you have to create a channel in Telegram, it is very important to add all the scrubbers in it, it will be a little difficult, but we will help you.
We are going to tell this soil in such a way that you can put 50,000 in it.
subscriber added
After putting the scriber, you can cross-promote it with another channel, then you will have to do service in it gradually, if the please bar is worse than 50,000 real, then you are very good running can bring very good traffic in your shortlink
You come in the fourth number in this.
You can use Facebook, you can create a page for Facebook, then you can create a group, it also gives very good traffic, in this you do not need to make flowers like you have friends, then you can link on your post in your elephant too. If you can share, then the user will go to it and download it, then you will get so many clicks, then you will get that much money.
You can also use instagram on password number and
source of traffic
Agra also has million million views, Milan is billion, Israel country is senior in the whole country, then you can bring traffic from here, for this you just have to create your id there, you have to name the dream page, please keep the name well after that you in that
Now follow 10000 that you will tell at least five fruits from there, then the next day ₹ 10000 follow will be 553 overs Yours
if you do

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