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Vechile insurance price increase in india

Inflation hit in India There will be third party insurance of vehicles , See how much premium insurance will have to be paid now

Lions should be raised and insurance will be done from June 1, 2022. Inflation in India is going to reach its peak again, to see this, you can give car insurance that you will have to pay even more charge for getting car insurance.

Labor Card Insurance Little Sukanti The demand in India is increasing in such a way that don’t ask and The rate of insurance has been increased brother Will get truck racing insurance, you will take premium subscription for those Suresh, then you will have to pay more of your money and your pocket may be empty

Next month i.e. from June 1, third party insurance of two wheelers and four wheelers along with other big vehicles is going to be sought i.e. now you will have to pay more premium for third insurance.

Insurance and Regulatory and Development Authority of India IRDAI To increase the rates of third party insurance of motor vehicles draft is prepared New rates may be applicable from 1st June 2022

Let us see a little brief information about how much we will have to pay for third party insurance from June 1 –

For four wheeler –

1000 cc private business as per the proposed revised rates of ₹ 2072 to 2094
rate will be applicable Similarly, the cost of ₹ 3416 in comparison to ₹ 3221 on a private car from 1000 cc to 15 100 cc. Whereas owners of cars above 15 100cc will have to pay a premium of ₹ 7897 instead of ₹ 7890.

For two wheeler-

In case of two wheelers, tell Rs 1366 for vehicles from 150cc to 350cc and the premium will have to be paid ₹2804 to be paid for vehicles above 350cc.

For electric vecihal premium insurance –

New private erect for up to 30 kW
3 years single premium for tomorrow
₹ 533 will be

WhatsApp S8 KW Higher Capacity
Brother tomorrow will be ₹9040
for large electric vehicles
Premium will be ₹ 20907
New two paper two wheeler up to 3 kW
ones 5 years single premium of ₹ 2466

Two wheeler electric vehicles from 3 to 7 kW
₹ 3273 and premium for 7 to 16 kW will be ₹ 6260. high power electric 5 years premium for two wheelers ₹12849 will be paid.

What is moter vehicle third party insurance –

Third party means third party first party vehicle owner second vehicle driver and third in case of accident the victim is the third bird
If more than 1 accident occurs during use in a public place and there is loss of life or property by a third party And there are promises to grant compensation for a loss to the driver, in such a situation, financial compensation The insurance company does third party insurance for the brother, on being insured, the insurance company pays the amount of compensation and the driver Therefore, whenever we get insurance, we should get third party insurance and should stay away from first party second party premium insurance which can harm us later and that will not work in life now whenever If insured, then get third party insurance only.

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