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what is mobile insurance/what is bajaj insurance

what is mobile insurance

In today’s time, we get to see insurance in all the goods, let us know what is the meaning of insurance.

the meaning of insurance

That when we have bought an expensive item, then there is a danger of it getting broken or missing.

Insurance is done to avoid that there is no loss of good as well as good money.

As we look at the mobile insurance, then we find that we have taken an expensive mobile of Rs 30000 and if it is broken or stolen in 2 months then the insurance company will bear all the cost of it.

If your mobile is broken, then the company first tries to make your mobile under warranty, if it is not made then the company gives you money.

Bajaj insurance company is mainly used for mobile insurance in India.

Bajaj insurance can be a very good option for mobile insurance

So let’s know how to register on Bajaj Insurance

When you take the mobile, the insurance agent remains the same, if you speak then your mobile will be insured or those people will come and contact themselves that you have to insure your mobile.

mobile insurance

To do this, you have to put some form, then you have to pay some amount for insurance.

Advantages, policies and disadvantages of mobile insurance

1- On taking insurance, you are given free premium subscription of some applications, which is for a period of 1 year.

2- By taking insurance, you get free subscription of applications like antivirus

3- If there is damage to the mobile in this, you can take advantage of it by filing a complaint up to 2 times in a year.

5- Accident damage comes inside it, if the mobile becomes a victim of an accident, then the company will pay all the money and get it made.

6-If the mobile screen is broken then the full money for the mobile screen will be given or made.

7-If the mobile falls in the water, then the company has the guarantee of making the mobile.

8-second year of taking insurance and the value decreases

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